About Us


Baker’s Inn -Indian Bistro & Cafe caters to everyone's taste. From tandoori chicken stuffed croissants to Danish pastries, from sweet to spicy, Baker’s Inn -Indian Bistro & Cafe has every treat to please your palette. When it comes to baking, our chefs are dedicated to the highest standards of quality to deliver a fresh fare daily. Our professional bakers and confectioners are skilled in the art of baking and decorating and bring you the most exquisite cakes to match every occasion whether it is a wedding, designer or a birthday.

Our goal is to deliver warmth, sincerity, joy to our customers through our menu. Our staff starts their day early in the week hours of the morning, preparing fresh breads and cakes for the morning rush hour crowd that walks in for their breakfast. Our coffee beverages are made using the finest coffee beans the aroma speaks for itself. Our baristas are experienced in the art of coffee making and are able to prepare not only the traditional lattes and espressos but also some highly popular flavored drinks such as the banana foster mocha and others.

At Baker’s Inn -Indian Bistro & Cafe time stands still. Except for our staff who are working around the clock to make your experience at our bakery pleasant.

A Day in Baker’s Inn -Indian Bistro & Cafe

Specialties like croissants, Danishes, pastries, sandwiches, confectionery, French gateau’s, tarts & pizza and hot baguette for lunch... to offer such simple pleasures, Baker’s Inn -Indian Bistro & Cafe relies on efficient organization and excellent team work.

4:00 AM While city sleeps, the first baker arrives... switches on the oven... starts his first mixing for the bread to be carefully baked, cooled, sliced and packed for the first customer (expected at 8:30 AM).

5:30 AM the city is waking up slowly... pastry cooks arrive to bake the lovely sponges for Gateau’s and butter cream pastries.

While Our Main Chef's starts preparing for a wide range of menus from traditional to fusion with exotic and aromatic delicacies with their expertise experience from the finest culinary institutions from all around the world.